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Schools in Rajasthan

Updated on: Mar 19, 2013

School education plays a very important role in moulding the future of a student. Education in schools gives shape to the ideas of a student about his or her future. Schools education in Rajasthan, after going through many phases has reached a point where a student can claim to have all the opportunities of complete development of his or her personality.

In Rural areas, the Government of Rajasthan is making serious efforts to make the infrastructure batter. Reduction in drop-out rate of boys and girls from schools and increase in literacy rate in rural areas is an indicator of the success gained by the government.

In most of the cities of Rajasthan, education infrastructure in school can compete with that of any school situated in metro cities of the country. The CBSE schools and schools run by the state government

Here, we have compiled comprehensive lists of schools at various cities in Rajasthan. Just click on the links below to have name, address and affiliation details of schools.

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