Banasthali Vidyapith University

Updated on: Nov 23, 2014

Banasthali Vidyapith University is a State University empowering women’s education in Rajasthan.It is recognized by UGC and was conferred an ‘A’ rating by NAAC. It is a member of The Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and is spread over a campus of 850 acres with several buildings housing administrative and academic blocks.

The Banasthali Vidyapith was founded in a remote village in Banasthali by PanditHiralalShastri who was the Secretary in the Home and Foreign Department in 1927. He along with his wife Smt. RatanShastri established the University as a memorial for their daughter whom they desired would serve for women’s upliftment in the rural areas.

In 1943 the undergraduate courses were introduced and the same year it was named Banasthali Vidyapith. Later in the year 1993 it was deemed as a University by the UGC and now it provides education to girls from pre-primary to doctoral levels of education.

Women are educated to cover the five essential principles namely Practical, Physical, Aesthetical, Moral and Intellectual. The mission of the University combines the spiritual values and the scientific achievements of both the East and the West which is also imbibed in their academic curriculum. Women stand to gain professional edge while studying the post graduate courses and the university aims at achieving the right mix between professional achievements and tested academic knowledge.There are 21 academic cells in the University that offer graduate and post-graduate courses in various faculties.

Each faculty has a number of departments and the University has a limited number of seats for NRI and foreign national students. Admission in the said seats are given to meritorious students with academic credentials.

University Facilities

  • Accommodation- 29 hostels
  • Sports- There is adequate infrastructure for games and sports in the University.
  • Air Strip-gliding and flying is taught to students in a licensed air strip of 50,191,418 sq. meters
  • Central Library- has over 1.60 lakhs records of books (Bibliographic Information) and 13,500 back issues of periodicals
  • FM Radio Station- BanasthaliVidyapith broadcast its own educational and entertainment programmes through RadioBanasthali
  • Hospital- The University a hospital with qualified doctors and works all year round 24/7
  • Guest House- student’s parents and guardians can find boarding in BanasthaliVidyapith’s very own guest house
  • Transport- Minibuses operate 15 minutes intervals
  • IT infrastructure- adequate computing facilities along with high bandwidth Internet access which is provided through a fibre optic Campus Network
  • Various Banks- UCO Bank, Co-operative Bank, UCO Bank ATM, SBI ATM, ICICI Bank ATM
  • The university is equipped with its own shopping mart and vegetable counters

Courses offered

Following are the courses provided by Banasthali Vidyapith University in Rajasthan:

  • Arts
    B.A - Drawing
    M.A. - Drawing & Painting
    Post M.A. Dip - Drawing & Painting
  • Bio - informatics
    M.Sc. - Bio Informatics
    P.G. Diploma - Bio Informatics
    Bio - Science    M.Sc. - Bio science
    Ph.D - Bio science
  • Biosciences
    M.Sc. - Operational Research
  • Biotechnology
    M.Phil - Bio technology
    M.Sc. - Bio technology
    Ph.D - Bio technology
  • Business and Management
    M.B.A. - Business Administration
  • Chemistry
    M.Sc. - Chemistry
    M.Sc. - Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Computer Applications
    B.A - Computer Applications
    MCA - Computer Applications
    P.G. Diploma - Computer Applications
  • Computer Science
    M.Tech - Computer Science
    M. Tech - Software Engineering
    M. Tech - VLSI Design
    Ph.D - Computer Science
    Design    M.A. - Textile Design
  • Economics
    B.A - Economics
    M.A. - Economics
    Ph.D - Economics
  • Education
    M.Ed. - Education
  • Electronics
    M.Sc. - Electronics
    M.Sc. - Electronics
    Ph.D - Electronics
  • English Language and Literature
    B.A - English
    M.A. - English
    M. Phil - English Language Teaching
    Ph.D - English
  • French
    Ph.D - French
  • German/Russian
    Ph.D - German
  • Hindi
    B.A - Hindi
    M.A. - Hindi
    Ph.D - Hindi
  • History
    B.A - History
    M.A. - History
    Ph.D - History
  • Home Science
    B.A - Home Science
    M.Sc. - Home Science
    Ph.D - Home Science
  • Management Studies
    B.A - Management
  • Mathematical Sciences
    M.Sc. - Mathematical Sciences
  • Mathematics
    B.A - Mathematics
    Ph.D - Mathematics
    M.Sc. - Mathematics
  • Microbiology
    M.Sc. - Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology
  • Music & Dance
    B.A - Music
    M.A. - Music
    Ph.D - Music
  • Philosophy
    B.A - Philosophy
  • Physical Education
    B.A - Physical Education
  • Physics
  • M.Sc. - Physics
  • Political Science
    B.Th - Political Science
    M.A. - Political Science
    Ph.D - Political Science
  • Public Administration
    B.A - Public Administration
    Ph.D - Public Administration
  • Sanskrit
    M.A. - Sanskrit
    Ph.D - Sanskrit
  • Social Science
    M.Phil - Social Science
  • Sociology
    B.A - Sociology
    M.A. - Sociology
    Ph.D - Sociology
  • Statistics
    B.A - Applied Statistics
    B.A - Statistics
    M.Sc. - Statistics
    Ph.D - Statistics
  • Textile Designing & Printing
    B.A - Textile Design
    P.G. Diploma - Textile Design

Regular Courses

The following provides information about the regular courses conducted in Banasthali Vidyapith University in Rajasthan:

  • Diploma in Shastri (Vedic Studies)
  • Diploma in Computer Hardware & Maintenance
  • Advanced Certificate Course in Internet & Web Designing
  • Certificate Course in Computer Programming & Applications
  • Advanced Diploma in Networking
  • Certificate Course in E-Commerce
  • Shastri
  • Certificate Diploma and Advanced Diploma in German and French
  • Certificate and Diploma in Kathak and Manipuri Dances
  • Certificate Course on ‘Statistical Techniques
  • Certificate Course on IT Localization
  • Certificate Course on Music Vocal & Instrumental (Sitar/ Sarod/ Violin/ Tabla)

Diploma Courses

The following are the list of Diploma courses offered at Banasthali Vidyapith:

  • Diploma Course -Sanskrit (Vedic Studies)
    Duration - One Year
  • Diploma Course - Modern European Languages (French/German)
    Duration - One Year
  • Advanced Diploma Course - Modern European Languages (French/ German)
    Duration - One Year
  • Uttama (Dance) Kathak/Manipuri
    Duration - Three Years
  • Visharad (Music - Vocal/Instrumental)
    Duration - Three Years
  • Nishnat (Dance) Kathak/Manipuri
    Duration - Two Years

Certificate Courses

The following are the Certificate courses offered at Banasthali Vidyapith:

  • Computer Programming & Applications
    Duration - One Year
  • Advanced Certificate Course - Internet and Web Applications
  • Sanskrit (Vedic Studies)
  • English for Conversation
  • Modern European Language (French/German)
    Duration - One Year
  • Dance (Kathak/Manipuri)Prathma and Madhyama
    Duration - Three Years
  • Music (Vocal/Instrumental - Sitar &Sarod)Prathama and Madhyama
    Duration - Three Years

Contact Details

Address: BanasthaliVidyapith
PO. BanasthaliVidyapith, Tonk,
Rajasthan - 304022,
BanasthaliVidhyapith University

Jaipur Campus
C-62, SarojiniMarg,
C-Scheme, Jaipur (Raj.) - 302001
Pin: 304022 

Type: Deemed University
Phone: 1435 - 28324
Fax: 1435 - 228365
E-mail (alt): saditya@banasthali.ac.in, ds@bv.ernet.in 
Website: www.banasthali.org
EPABX: 228341-52
Reg. Phone: 1435 - 28359

Vice Chancellor:

Tel: 01438 228647(O)228323/653(R)
Fax: 228365

Tel: 01438 228371(O)228340(R)
Fax: 228365, 228365

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