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Updated on: Nov 23, 2014

G.D. Birla, an eminent industrialist and a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi established Birla Institute of Technology and Science, better known as BITS.

In 1900, Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) introduced school education and has flourished as an institute ever since. Course offered at BITS are classified as integrated first degree, higher degree and doctoral degree programme and at present there are 35 courses that are being offered.

The Government of India has declared BITS as a deemed to be university and has campuses in Hyderabad, Goa and at Knowledge Village-Dubai , UAE.


The following are the infrastructural facilities available at BITS Pilani

  • Conference rooms
  • Software development center
  • Education TechnologyCenter
  • Center for entrepreneurial leadership
  • Centrefor Professional development
  • Guest house & quarters
  • Center for robotics and intelligent system
  • Desert development technologiescenter
  • Center for women studies
  • rail water harvesting
  • Technology business incubator
  • Laboratories
  • Library etc.


The following are some of the features of the faculty at BITS Pilani:

  • BITS, Pilani features some of the world’s best reputed professors, lecturers and guides
  • BITS is equipped with its own R & D centers
  • BITS, Pilani initiates faculty exchange program with other institute and universities


The facilities available at the BITS Pilani are:

  • Sports & gym
  • Hostels
  • Banks & ATM
  • Campus wide LAN Post office
  • Student activity centre
  • Dining halls
  • Visitors guest house
  • Auditorium Transport
  • Health services
  • Canteens etc


BITS Pilani is reputed around the world for its high academic standards. The following courses are offered by BITS Pilani in its campus in Rajasthan:

  • Chemistry
    M.Sc. Tech-Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Communication Systems
    M.S-Telecommunications and Software Engineering
  • Computer Science
    M.S-Software Engineering
    M.S-Software Systems and Multimedia
  • Electronics
  • Engineering & Technology
    B.S.-Engineering and Industrial Technology
    B.S.-Engineering and Technology
    B.S.-Industrial Engineering and Technology
    B.S.-Marine Engineering
    B.S.-Ophthalmic Assistant
    B.S.-Physician Assistant
    B.S.-Power Engineering
    B.S.-Process Engineering
    M.Phil-Physician Assistant
    M.S-Embedded Systems
    M.S-Manufacturing Management
  • Hospital Administration
  • M.Phil-Hospital & Health Systems Management
  • Information Technology
    B.S.-Information Systems
  • Management Studies
    M.S-Consciousness Studies
    M.S-Consultancy Management
    M.S-Quality Engineering and Management
  • Manufacturing Technology
    B.S.-Manufacturing Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
    M.S-Mechanical Systems Design
  • Medical Laboratory Technology
    M.S-Medical Laboratory Technology
  • Nanoscience& Nanotechnology
    B.S.-Nautical Science
    B.S.-Nautical Technology
    Diploma Programmes-Nautical Science
  • Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • M.S-Pharmaceutical Operations and Management


The placement record at BITS is very credible and thousands of students are recruited before they even complete their graduation. On-campus placements are held regularly.

Contact Details

Address: Birla Institute of Technology and Science
VidhyaVihar Campus, Pilani - 333031, Rajasthan
Pin: 333031 
Tel: 242134, Ext : 283
Fax: 1595 - 244875
E-mail: svankat@bits-pilani.ac.in,
EPABX: 01596 - 245073/4
Website: www.bits-pilani.ac.in
Reg. Phone: 1595 - 42192
E- mail:

Vice Chancellor:
Tel: 242090(O), 244117(R)
E- mail: lkm@bits-pilani.ac.in
Tel: 242192(O), 242578(R)
E- mail: mmsanand@bits-pilani.ac.in

Tel: 242835  Ext : 241
E- mail: ibhat@bits-pilani.ac.in 

BITS Pilani Distance Education

BITS Pilani is known for its engineering courses and is a prestigious institute in the world. The institute offers both on-campus programmes as well as off-campus distance-learning programmes. Currently there are 35 courses of repute being conducted at the BITS Pilani in various fields of engineering and sciences.

BITS Pilani offers various off-campus distance learning programmes for working professionals to continue their studies. As part of the human resources development projects they even offer off-campus programmes at various company locations and centres.

Off-campus programmes are offered with the same degree courses as offered in the on-campus sessions and this is authorized by the Institute’s Senate.

The basic requirements to conduct these off-campus programmes are the agreement by the collaborative organization to extend both physical and other facilities and agreeing to initiate and facilitate their work requirements with the academic requirements of the institute. Some degree of collaboration is required for all off-campus courses yet some may require a larger number of classroom sessions than others.

Distance Education Courses

The following are some of the courses offered under the Distance Learning programme:


  • First Level Diploma in Nautical Sciences / B.S. Nautical Sciences
  • B.S. Optometry
  • M.S. Microelectronics


  • B.S. Engineering & Industrial Technology
  • B.S. Engineering Technology
  • B.S. Industrial Engineering and Technology
  • B.S. Information Systems
  • B.S. Manufacturing Engineering
  • B.S. Marine Engineering
  • B.S. Nautical Technology
  • B.S. Power Engineering
  • B.S. Process Engineering
  • M.S. Software Engineering
  • M.S. Software Systems
  • M.S. Telecommunication & Software Engineering
  • M.S. Embedded Systems
  • M.S. Mechanical Systems Design

Health Sciences

  • B.S. Ophthalmic Assistant
  • B.S. Physician Assistant
  • M.Phil. Hospital and Health Systems Management
  • M.Phil. Optometry
  • M.Phil. Physician Assistant
  • M.S. Medical Laboratory Technology


  • M.S. Consultancy Management
  • M.S. Manufacturing Management
  • M.S. Pharmaceutical Operations and Management
  • M.S. Quality Management


  • M.Sc. (Tech.) Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Other Programs

M.S. Consciousness Studies

Distance Education Admission Process

BITS Pilani announces admission schedule for various Distance Learning Programs time to time. For latest admission notification Click Here.

BITS Pilani Distance Education Contact Details

Work-Integrated Learning Programs  Division
Faculty  Division - III
Birla Institute of Technology & Science
Phone No: 01596 - 242210, 01596 - 245073 Ext: 216
Fax No: 01596 – 244183
Website : http://www.bits-pilani.ac.in

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