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Updated on: Mar 19, 2013
Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS), Pilani is a Deemed University established under section 3 of the UGC Act 1956.

The institute is one of the prestigious engineering universities in the world. Apart from offering regular on-campus programs, BITS, Pilani also offer off campus collaborative and distance learning programs based on industry sponsorship.

At present there are some 35 collaborative programs offered by the institute under the sponsorships of various organizations of repute.

BITS Pilani conducts off-campus degree programs as a means of continuing education for employed professionals as part of the human resource development programs of specific organizations at various off-campus centres.

The Institute's Senate has authorized the Institute to run the off-campus degree programs in every degree in which an on-campus degree program is already on offer in the Institute.

For the conduct of all these programs, the basic requirement is the participation of the collaborative organization by extending physical and other facilities and by agreeing to integrate their work requirements with the academic requirements of the Institute for the pursuit of the degree program.

The Distance Learning Programs Division operates all these programs. In all these programs, emphasis is on self-learning and the pedagogy attempts to incorporate as many modern technologies as desirable.

While every one of these programs requires collaboration of an organization, some programs have a highly structured collaboration with planned classroom activities and some programs may have less structured planning.

While a number of degrees are offered through structured collaboration with many collaborating organizations, there are also degrees, which are available in an open manner as Distance Learning Programs for a large number of organizations, each of which may sponsor only few students.

BITS Pilani Distance Education Courses

  • First Level Diploma in Nautical Sciences / B.S. Nautical Sciences
  • B.S. Optometry
  • M.S. Microelectronics
  • B.S. Engineering & Industrial Technology
  • B.S. Engineering Technology
  • B.S. Industrial Engineering and Technology
  • B.S. Information Systems
  • B.S. Manufacturing Engineering
  • B.S. Marine Engineering
  • B.S. Nautical Technology
  • B.S. Power Engineering
  • B.S. Process Engineering
  • M.S. Software Engineering
  • M.S. Software Systems
  • M.S. Telecommunication & Software Engineering
  • M.S. Embedded Systems
  • M.S. Mechanical Systems Design
Health Sciences
  • B.S. Ophthalmic Assistant
  • B.S. Physician Assistant
  • M.Phil. Hospital and Health Systems Management
  • M.Phil. Optometry
  • M.Phil. Physician Assistant
  • M.S. Medical Laboratory Technology
  • M.S. Consultancy Management
  • M.S. Manufacturing Management
  • M.S. Pharmaceutical Operations and Management
  • M.S. Quality Management
  • M.Sc. (Tech.) Pharmaceutical Chemistry
Other Programs
  • M.S. Consciousness Studies

BITS Pilani Distance Education Admission Process

BITS Pilani announces admission schedule for various Distance Learning Programs time to time. For latest admission notification Click Here.

BITS Pilani Distance Education Contact Details

Work-Integrated Learning Programs  Division
Faculty  Division - III
Birla Institute of Technology & Science
Phone No: 01596 - 242210, 01596 - 245073 Ext: 216
Fax No: 01596 – 244183
Website : http://www.bits-pilani.ac.in

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