Mohanlal Sukhadia University (MLSU)

Updated on: Nov 19, 2014

The Mohanlal Sukhadia University in Udaipur, founded under the UGC Act is one of the most well-known Universities in Rajasthan. It is celebrated for its many departments and also its pledge to offer excellence in the field of academics. The University has been given B++ certification by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council, NAAC. 

There are 110 affiliated colleges and 4 constituent colleges that come under the University. Its jurisdiction spreads over these 6 districts: Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Rajasmand, Banswara, Dungarpur and Sirohi. 

In the tribal area of Southern Rajasthan, the University was named ‘Udaipur University’ and its headquarters were also in Udaipur. Before being a multi-departmental University in 1964, it was an agricultural University when it began. In 1984, it was renamed as the Mohanlal Sukhadia University in memory of the Late Sh. Mohanlal Sukhadia, the engineer of modern Rajasthan.

The university conducts graduate and post-graduate courses through different branches. The Ph.D. programmes are offered all year round. Admissions for other courses are displayed through specific notices and they are open from June to July annually.


Being situated in Aravalli Hill inhabited by the tribal community, the area is rich in heritage which also celebrates its striking landscape and resources.

The University consists of two campus grounds. The M.B College is part of the old campus. All departments of Science (University College of Science), Commerce (University College of Commerce and Management Studies) and Geology are found here. Also the girls’ hostel, University guest house, professors’ quarters, teachers’ quarters and the M.B. Main Hostel can be found here. The campus is 2.5kms from railway station, 2kms from bus stand and is located on the Udaipur-Chitorgarh road (Udaipur airport Road).

The Home Science College and C.T.A.E of MaharanaPratap Agricultural and Technology University can be found close to MLSU. The new campus is around 4km from the railway station or the bus stand headed for the Ashok Nagar-Ayad region.


The departments of Science and Computer Application declare that the University has good research facilities for its students. The University is also furnished with lathe, milling and drilling machines, electronic testing and measuring equipment etc. The students of M.Sc. Physics are taught machine drawing, operation of lathe and drilling machines, glass blowing techniques and PCB fabrication etc. While the Students of the Physics department have permission to use UGC Instrument Maintenance Facility, University Internet Centre, Computational and Graphics Laboratory, X-ray Diffraction Facility, Thin Film Laboratory and Vibration Sample Magnetometer (VSM) Facility.

The Library of the University runs on an efficient system and it plays a vital role in educational events. There are 7 libraries along with the University Central Library, College of Science Library, College of Social Science & Humanities Library, College of Commerce & Management Library, College of Law Library, Faculty of Management Studies Library, and University Department of Geology Library. The library is considered as the soul of the University that injects wisdom and knowledge in the students.

Eligible students are provided accommodation through the hostel. The Science hostel is on the old station road where the science students lodge. The Nehru hostel contains two blocks – A and B which is located near SevashramChouraya. Also, in the A block, accommodation is available for foreign students in the international wing. The A block is only for students of commerce and management and the B block is for Social Sciences, Humanities and Law.

The University’s girl’s hostel is in the old campus (M.B. College) on Durga Nursery Marg and the women's hostel is in Ravindra Nagar, Udaipur. The research students from all departments can lodge at the Research Hostel near the Science Hostel.

The four constituent colleges of the University

  • College of Commerce and Management Studies
  • College of Law
  • College of Science
  • College of Social Sciences & Humanities


The admissions are conducted in July where candidates must apply through the recommended application forms along with proper documents required.

The notice board displays information about the list of classes and the closing date for fees for each department. A separate postal reminder is not sent. All admissions are conducted by the head of the each department for M.Sc. courses.

Students are admitted on the basis of marks obtained in Senior Secondary or equivalent examination for many of the courses offered. They must also go through entrance exams for the first year of L.L.B, M.Sc. (Prev), MBA, MCA, M.Sc. (IT) and other courses. The University announces these notices separately.

Students may only take one regular course or diploma or certificate course at a time. But the student may be able to take up part time diploma or certificate courses as long as they don’t clash with the regular courses.


Affiliated Colleges under the Mohanlal Sukhadia University


  • Advent Institute of Management
  • Aishwariya College
  • Anushka Law College
  • B.N.Girls College of Pharmacy
  • B.N.Law College
  • B.N.Pharmacy College
  • Bhupal Nobel's Girls College
  • Bhupal Nobel's P.G. College
  • Bhupal Noble's College of Physical Education
  • Geetanjali Technical Studies, Dabok
  • Govt. Meera Girls College
  • Guru Nanak Girls College 
  • Guru Pushker Jain College, Gogunda
  • Lord Buddha Institute of Technology & Science
  • Maharaja College of Arts & Education, Debari
  • Maharaja College of Management, Debari
  • MaharanaAcharya Sanskrit College
  • ManikyaLalVerma Tribal Research and Training Institute
  • Nimbark Teachers Training College
  • Pacific College of Commerce & Management
  • Pacific College of Teachers Education
  • Pacific Institute of Management
  • R.M.V.phy.edu. College
  • Rajasthan Mahila Teachers Training College
  • Udaipur Law College
  • V.B.G.S Teachers Training College
  • Vardhaman Law College
  • VidhyaBhavan Rural Institute


  • S.M.C. Choudhary, Govt. College
  • ShriTejendra Prasad Teachers Training College
  • U.S.B. Pharmacy College


  • B.V.M. Teachers Training College
  • Dr.Nagendra Singh College of Law
  • Govt. College
  • Haridev Joshi Govt. Girl's College
  • Late ShriP.P.CollegePartapur
  • M.G. School of Pharmacy
  • VivekanandCollege,Ghatol


  • BHOGI LAL PANDIYA Govt. College
  • Govt. College, Sagwara
  • Govt. Girl's College
  • Govt. College, Peeth
  • M.S.R.D.T.T. College
  • Shiv Narayan Choubisa Simalwara
  • VEER KALI BAI Govt College


  • Govt. Girls College
  • Govt. S.G.S. Sanskrit College
  • S.M.B. Govt. College


  • Govt. College, Nimbahera


  • J.R.Sharma College, Jhadol


  • New Arts College, Kherwara


  • R.P. Girls College, Bhinder
  • R.P. Physical Education College, Bhinder


  • S.P.College, Badisadri


  • MahaveerRastriya College, Fatehnagar


  • Swami Vivekanand College, Vallabhnagar


  • College of Management & Social Studies
  • Govt. Girl's College
  • M.P. College Rawathbhata
  • MaharanaPratap Govt. P.G. College
  • Mewar Girls College of Teachers Education
  • Mewar Girls Institute of Tech. College
  • R.N.T. College Kapasan
  • R.N.T. Law College
  • S.R.K. College Begun
  • ShradhalayaJannati B.Ed. College, Rawatbhata
  • ShriSanwariyaji Govt. College, Mandfia
  • Vision College of Commerce
  • Vision School of Management


  • JawaharVidyapeeth Teachers Training College
  • Pt. Udai Jain College


  • Govt.College, Kushalgarh
  • M.B.D.Govt.College


  • Govt. P.G. College
  • M.V.M. Teachers Training College
  • Sarawati Girls College


  • Dwarkesh Law College
  • Govt. College
  • Govt.College, Amet
  • J.R.CollegeRailmangara


  • Govt. College
  • Govt.College, Shivganj
  • Govt.Girls College
  • J.R.CollegePindwara


  • Haadi Rani Govt. College, Salumber


  • ShriNath College Shiksha, Mavli


  • Maharishi Tech,& Education College
  • SiddheswerVinayak Arts College


Courses offered by Mohanlal Sukhadia University

The University conducts PhD, M.Sc. and Bachelor's courses in subjects like botany, chemistry, accountancy and statistics among others. Also, certificate courses in journalism, population research and textile designing are offered.

Faculty of Science 

Ph.D. Courses 

  • Botany
  • Chemistry
  • Env.Science 
  • Geology
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Zoology

Post Graduate Courses 
M. Sc.

  • Bio-Technology
  • Botany
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Science
  • Geology
  • Information Technology
  • M.C.A. (Three Years Course) 
  • M.Sc. Tech (Geology)
  • M.Tech (Nanotechnology)
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Zoology

Bachelor in Science  

  • Botany, Geology & Chemistry
  • Botany, Zoology & Chemistry
  • Environmental Sc., Chemistry & Botany / Zoology.
  • Geology, Chemistry & Botany
  • Geology, Chemistry & Environmental Sciences
  • Geology, Chemistry & Maths
  • Maths, Physics & Chemistry
  • Maths, Physics & Computer Science
  • Maths, Physics & Geology
  • Maths, Statistics & Chemistry
  • Maths, Statistics & Geology
  • Maths, Statistics & Physics

Diploma Courses 

  • Computer Hardware &  Networking

Faculty of Commerce 

Ph.D. Course 

  • Accountancy & Statistics
  • Banking & Business Economics
  • Business Administration

Post Graduate Courses

  • Accountancy & Statistics
  • Banking & Business Eco.
  • Business Administration


  • Accountancy & Statistics
  • Business Administration

Professional Courses 

  • D.I.B 
  • M.H.R.M
  • M.I.B.

Bachelor in Commerce  

  • Accountancy & Statistics
  • Banking & Business Economics 
  • Business Administration

Faculty of Law       

  • Law


  • L.L.B. Integrated (Five Years)
  • L.L.M.

P.G. Diploma

  • Labour Practices, Labour Welfare & Labour Management (1 Year Course)

Faculty of Management Studies 


  • One Year Diploma in Marketing Management.
  • One Year Diploma in Tourism & Hotel Management
  • Three Years B.B.M. Course
  • Three Years M.B.A. Executive Course
  • Two Years M.B.A. Regular Course

Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities 

Ph.D. Courses 

  • Drawing & Painting
  • Economics
  •  English
  • Geography
  • Hindi
  • History
  • Jain Vidhya&Prakrit
  • Philosophy
  • Psychology
  • Public Administration
  • Rajasthani Political Science
  • Sanskrit
  • Sociology
  • Urdu

Post Graduate Course
Social Sciences

  • Drawing
  • Economics
  • English
  • Geography
  • Hindi
  • History
  • Humanities
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Prakrit
  • Psychology
  • Public Administration
  • Rajasthani
  • Sanskrit
  • Sociology
  • Urdu


  • Economic
  • Geography
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Public Administration
  • Social Sciences
  • Sociology


  • English
  • Hindi
  • History
  • Prakrit
  • Sanskrit
  • Urdu

Bachelor of Arts 

  • Economics/Sanskrit Literature/Music/Sindhi
  • Geography/Rajasthani Literature/Philosophy/MahilaAdhyayan
  • Political Science/Urdu Literature/Drawing & Painting
  • Psychology/Prakrit Literature/History/Forest Resources and their uses
  • Public Administration/Hindi Literature/Home Science/Rural Development & Extension/ Computer Application
  • Sociology/English Literature/Maths
  • Statistics/Population Research

B.A. Hons 

  • Sanskrit 
  • B. Lib & Information Sc.
  • One Year Course

Certificate Courses 

  • English Language (1 Year Part time)
  • P.G. Diploma in Journalism (1 Year Full time)
  • Diploma in Fashion Merchandising & Readymade Garments(1 Year Full time)
  • Diploma in Textile Designing (1 Year Full time)
  • Diploma in Population Research (1 Year Part time)
  • Diploma in Pali, Buddhism and Non-Violence (1 Year Part time)
  • ShramanParampara and Contemporary Values (1 Year Part time)   


Contact Details


Mohanlal Sukhadia University  
(State University)
Udaipur 313001  
Rajasthan, India 
Tel - 91-294-2471035  
Fax: - 91-294-2471150  
E-mail - registrar@mlsu.org
Website: http://www.mlsu.org

Sh. Rajeshwar Singh, I.A.S
Phone - 0294 - 2470597
Email - vcmlsu@mlsu.org


Sh. K.C Sharma, 
Phone - 0294-2470166 
Email - registrar@mlsu.org,

Assistant Registrar 

(Examination Section)
Sh. H. L. Meena
Phone - 0294-2470749, 2471957

Assistant Registrar 
(Recruitment Section)
0294-2471035, 2470707

Dean (DSW)
(Student Welfare)
Prof. S.R. Vyas, 

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