Rajasthan Public Service Commission - Compostion & Functions

Updated on: Nov 4, 2014


The commission consists of one chairman and six members (including one secretary), appointed by the Chief Minister of the state for a period of 5 years. The secretary in the commission belongs to the IAS cadre and is provided three Deputy Secretaries for assistance.


The following activities are undertaken by the commission:

  1. Examinations for appointment to various positions of service are undertaken.
  2. Undertake Government advisory on the following matters:-
    • All matters relating to civil post and services recruitments.
    • Policies and regulations to be followed in the appointment of civil services and civil posts with regards to promotions and transfers from one service to another and on suitability of such candidates.
    • Issues related to disciplinary matters including memorials and petitions of persons serving under the state government in civil capacity.
    • Issues related to legal proceedings against any person with respect to acts done or purporting to be done in the execution of his duties and paid out of the consolidated funds of the state.
    • Any other matter referred to by the government of the state.
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