Rajasthan Public Service Commission - Drawing & Painting Syllabus

Updated on: Mar 19, 2013
The syllabus of Drawing & Painting for  Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) is given below:


A. History of Indian Art -
  • Study of Paintings from Prehistoric to Bengal School.
  • Study of Indian Classical Sculptures.
  • Philosophy of Indian Art - (Rasa Siddhanta, Bharatmuni, Abhinavgupta, Shankuk, Anand Vardhan, Bhattnayak, Nayika Bhed, Anand Kumar Swami & Shadang.)
  • Art appreciation & Criticism of Contemporary art scene of India.
B. History of Western Art -
  • Study of Paintings from Prehistoric to 19th Century.
  • Main movements of modern art emphasis on the contribution of major masters in Europe & America - visual analysis and ideological sources.

C. Brief study of various Historical periods of China, Japan & Persia in terms of art movement.
Study of fundamentals of Visual art.

PART-B : There would be 2 Sections of Part B, which is purely practical based -

Section-1 (Size - Half imperial )
First section is based on study part, i.e. Life Study or Still Life (any one)
Medium - Water Colour / Pencil / Tempara.
Section-2 (Size - Half imperial )
This section is based on two dimensional study of given objects.

Medium - Any medium.
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