Rajasthan Public Service Commission - Home Science (Extension Education) Syllabus

Updated on: Mar 19, 2013
The syllabus of Home Sc.(Extension Education) for  Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) is given below:

UNIT-I : Fundamentals of Extension -

  • Origin and evolution of Community Development and Extension in India - Lessons learnt from early experiments.
  • Concept, Principles and Process of Extension with special reference to Home Science.
  • Concept of Democratic decentralization, organization and role of Panchayati Raj Institutions in development.
  • Leadership - identification and development.
  • Extension methods - Classification, critical analysis and principles in using extension methods.

UNIT-II : Development Communication -
  • Concept, importance and approaches in development communication
  • Evolving strategies in development communication in India since early planned development.
  • Process of change in behaviour - adult learning, role of motivation, diffusion and adoption.
  • Agencies in promotion of development communication - Government agencies and NGOs.

UNIT-III : Techniques in Communication - Use and Application :
  • Mass Media : TV, Radio, Video & Print
  • Interactive Media : Interpersonal methods and multi-media
  • Folk Media of Rajasthan
UNIT-IV : Extension Programme Management -
  • Concept, elements (POSDCORB), process and techniques of management - CPM, PERT and SWOT analysis
  • Programme Planning : Process, approaches and level of participation, organization sub-plans.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation : Concept, purpose & techniques, need for documentation.
  • Concept, types and role of different community organizations, techniques of and skills in community organizations
  • Training for Extension programme management - concept, types, models and techniques; management of training programmes
UNIT-V : Development Programmes -
  • Critical review of development programmes in Five Year Plans
  • Economic, literacy, non-formal education, health and nutrition programmes : Objectives and role in development
  • Functions of supportive agencies in development of programmes.
  • Women empowerment: focus in development programmes, principles and agencies of entrepreneurship development and self employment
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