Rajasthan Public Service Commission - Sociology Syllabus

Updated on: Feb 9, 2015

The Sociology syllabus of Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC).

Unit - I

Sociological Perspective:-

Basic Concepts: Status & Role, Multiple Roles, Role Set.
Social Groups: Meaning types, Reference Group.
Social Stratification: Theories, Forms, Caste, Class and Gender, Social Mobility.
Concepts of Social change: Transformation, evolution and progress, theories of social change, Process of change-sanskritisation, westernisation, Modernization.

Socialization Concept: Resocialization, Anticipatory Socialization, Adult Socialization and theories of Socialization.
Nature of Social Research: Hypothesis, Sampling, Research Design and Techniques of data Collection.

Unit - II

Karl Marx - Historical Materialism, Class struggle, Neo-Marxism.
Max Weber - Ideal type, Protestant ethic and rise of spirit of capitalism, Authority and its type.
E.Durkheim - Rules of Sociological method, Division of Labour in Society.
Functional Theory - Parsons (Functional pre-requisites),
Merton (Middle range theory), J.Alexander (Neo Functionalism)
Conflict Theory - Marx (Class theory), Coser (Functions of Social Conflict) Darrendrof (Comparison with Marx).

Unit - III

Ethnomethodology, Phenomenology : Alfred Shultz, Garfinkel and Goffman.
Post modernity- Modernity and post modernity - Vies of Derrida, Foucault.
Indological/Textual perspective - G.S. Ghurye, Louis Dumount.
Subaltern Perspective - B.R. Ambedkar, David Hardiman

Unit - IV

India - Social Structure - Unity and diversify, emerging contradictions.
People - Major and Minor communities.
Caste & Class - Caste characteristics, Changes,Industrial, Agrarian and middle class Marriage, Family and Kinship- Changing patterns.

Unit - V

Tribal Societies - Characteristics, perspective for Tribal development.
Rural - Urban Society- Rural urban nexus, Agrarian relations, Problems of Urban Society- Crime and Pollution.
Gender discrimination and empowerment of women.
Forces of Social Change - Media, Economy, Education, Reformist and Radical movement. Issues for nation building- Globalisation , Crises of values, Privatisation of education.

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