RPET Syllabus

Updated on: Nov 27, 2014

Topics from the RPET syllabus are listed below.


Dynamics of a particle, measurement and units, simple harmonic motion, dynamics of a system of particles, intermolecular forces, first law of thermodynamics, kinetic theory of gases, nature of light, electrostatics, wave motion, magnetic field, electric circuits, alternating current circuits, modern physics, electronics.


The periodic law, theory of chemical bonding, development of classical model of an atom, chemical equilibrium and ionic equilibria, acids and bases, chemical kinetics, metals, d-block elements, s-block elements, polymers, alkynes.


Matrices, algebra, trigonometry, coordinate geometry, calculus, vectors, probability.



"Rajasthan Pre Engineering Test (RPET) - 2013," Board of Technical Education, Rajasthan, http://techedu.rajasthan.gov.in/RPET/notification_rpet2013.pdf

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