Schools in Rajasthan

Updated on: Nov 17, 2014

Schooling is probably the most important stage in the growth process of a student. It is here that values are taught and inculcated and the character of an individual takes form. School is not only about academics but goes far out and ahead into inculcating discipline, awareness, compassion for fellow-mates along with respect for elders and knowledge about the world around them. These basic yet unsurpassable values in life are brought to light to a student in school.

In Rajasthan, the schooling system has improved substantially with some of the better known schools competing with the reputed ones in major metros. Apart from the city schools, the schooling offered to young kids in villages and rural areas is also of considerable growth and the latest census shows a dramatic increase in literacy rates in these rural areas.

Below we provide a comprehensive list of all the major schools in Rajasthan. Please do take a look and let us know if we have missed out on any.

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