Schools in Kota

Updated on: Nov 27, 2014

Kota is very famous for its Universities and Institutes for various higher educational courses. However, there are very popular schools that provide a great quality of education to all students. The teaching professionals at the schools are capable and skilled and are always ready to help students in the classroom. This creates a great atmosphere for learning and also a good relationship between students and their teachers. The syllabus is carefully planned, focusing on all aspects of the subjects. Adding to this, the schools organise cultural and sporting occasions to help students grow in other areas as well. Students are encouraged to showcase their talents through these events that are enjoyed by all.

The schools in Kota are certified which make them authorised and genuine to admit students. This also means that the schools are associated with other organisations in the area making connection with other local schools also. These schools strive to provide excellent learning to students. They also aim to improve the current system of education through constant updating and reviews.

The schools listed here have been carefully collected and assembled using reliable sources to help people find the perfect schools for their children. Please note that each and every school in the area of Kota may not have been included in this list.

The following list of schools are the schools in Kota:

  1. Bal Madhyamik Senior Higher Secondary School
  2. Bal Vidyalaya
  3. Children Senses. School Dadabari
  4. Central Academy Senior Secondary School Dadapari, Near Chhota Chauraha - 324009 Tel: 0744 - 24059 Affiliation: CBSE (XII)
  5. Government Senior Secondary School Dadabari
  6. Government Senior Secondary School Chhabra
  7. Happy Children School
  8. Instrumentation School Kendriya Vidyalaya(Co-ed), Affiliation: CBSE
  9. Maa Bharati School
  10. Mahatma Gandhi Senior Higher Secondary School
  11. Mayank Senior Secondary School
  12. Modern Senior Higher Secondary School
  13. Multipurpose School Gumanpura
  14. Saint John's Senior Secondary School
  15. Saint Paul's Senior Secondary School
  16. Sophia School
  17. St. Pauls School 
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